Look around and there are so many different methods that claim to get rid of your smoking addiction but which one is actually the best? As a former ex-smoker myself, I’ll give you the lowdown.


Many people opt for the patches straight away. After all, they’re easy to get and you don’t need to see a doctor first. I wouldn’t say they’re exactly cheap but anyhow, many people try them first.

When I was a smoker I did the same but I had a strange reaction to them and started to feel sick. Most people don’t and they try to cut down on the patches over 3 months.

Cutting Down

This is actually a pretty similar method to cutting down on patches. The only difference is that during those 3 months or however long you decide to cut down for, you will still be inhaling toxic smoke. Mind you, do you think it really makes a difference – 3 more months of smoke compared to how long you’ve already been smoking for? Personally, I don’t.

Acupuncture and The Laser

This method is a bit of a strange one. It has it’s origins in the East and the idea is that after one or two sessions, your cravings will be diminished so that you can more easily quit. The interesting thing about it is that this is totally unregulated by the FDA or any other health authorities. Not just that, but this treatment is not done by doctors either.

The funny thing about the laser is that it’s relatively new and gets a lot of publicity. But really, it is just a repackaged version of acupuncture but made more acceptable for the public.

The Problem With All These Methods

The problem with all of these methods is that they are incredibly unsuccessful. Even the last method only provides temporary relief. What they all do is to help you make that initial quit easier than just going cold turkey.

And because of that, people have a strange belief that these methods are actually good. Let’s think about that for a minute…

What Is The Definition Of A Good Cure?

If you really want to quit smoking then surely you don’t want to start again after 6 weeks or even 6 months? Well, that’s what happens with these methods. Even hypnosis, which most people think is a bullet proof cure, actually is terrible in the long term. You can look up the studies and see it for yourself if you don’t believe me.


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